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Online Hearing Care

ODYO Online facilitates access to hearing care services for audiologists, and their clients. It offers hearing care professionals the opportunity to educate, counsel and support their patients in an innovative, efficient and cost-effective manner.


Audiological Rehabilitation

Scientific research shows that it is possible to successfully use online tools in the rehabilitation process of hearing-aid users and tinnitus patients. The potential is promising for online professional interaction as a vehicle for parts of the audiological rehabilitation process which are often under-resourced in face-to-face sessions.

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Your opinion is valuable to us!

If you are an audiologist or a hearing care professional and would like to learn more about ODYO Online’s services, we invite you to request a demo. Although the platform is set to be launched during Fall 2019, we are currently seeking a limited number of professionals that are willing to collaborate with us during its final setup stages.

Request a Demo

You are invited to request a demo with an audiologist from ODYO to learn about the online platform and how you may contribute.

Confirm Interest

During your demo, you will get to know ODYO Online’s features. If you are then interested to collaborate further with us, it will be time to let us know.

Collaborate with Us

Collaborators will answer questions and share their opinions about the platform. Please note that a non-disclosure-agreement is to be signed at this stage.

Obtain Rewards

As a symbol of gratitude for the time you have spent with us, you will be offered exclusive customized benefits on ODYO Online once it is launched.