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    • Noise exposure: Whether noise at work (ex: machinery), auditory trauma (ex: shotgun) or recreational activity (ex: loud music), exposure to noise can cause temporary or permanent hearing loss with tinnitus.
    • Presbycusis: A hearing loss caused by age is called presbycusis. With age, the small eyelashes found in the inner ear degenerate. This has the consequence of inducing hearing loss that can be accompanied by tinnitus.
    • Sudden Hearing Loss: It can happen to people to experience sudden hearing loss. This may be due to a problem in the inner ear or a little further into the central auditory system that relayed the auditory information to the brain. Sometimes the cause of this hearing loss that can be accompanied by tinnitus is unknown.
    • Conductive Hearing Problem: A plug of earwax in the ear canal can sometimes be the cause of tinnitus. Indeed, the plug has the effect of restraining the sound that goes through the ear and thus create a temporary hearing loss. Similarly, several diseases in the middle ear can cause the appearance of tinnitus (Otosclerosis, Otitis, Perforation of the eardrum, dysfunction of the eustachian tube).
    • Diseases: Meningitis, inflammation of the brain’s meninges due to a bacterial or viral infection can cause tinnitus. Similarly, Meniere’s disease or labyrinthitis are two pathologies that cause dizziness that is often accompanied by tinnitus.
    • Neurological: Tumors in the auditory nerve, such as acoustic neuromas, in one or two ears compress the auditory nerve and cause tinnitus. In addition, people with migraines, multiple sclerosis or other cervical problems can also develop tinnitus.
    • Ototoxic Drugs: It is possible to have tinnitus after taking medication or ototoxic drugs. The drugs most likely to cause tinnitus are antibiotics, cardiac medications, antidepressants, diuretics and anti-inflammatories such as ibuprofen and aspirin.
    • Lifestyle: Coffee or alcohol consumption, poor stress management, and poor nutrition may increase or maintain the presence of tinnitus.
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